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Equipment developed and made by the company. This is our proven product and intellectual property, which we offer our customers.

Control unit for electromagnetic vibrator "VIBROMASTER 120"
id: 213

The control unit Vibromaster 120 is designed to control electromagnetic vibrating feeders with a power of up to 5 kW. The main application of the unit is the control of electromagnetic vibration drives (for example, such as JVM / JOST) in installations for continuous or dosed feed of materials.

The pneumatic caving system for prevent hangings of loose materials in the bulk hoppers
id: 217

The pneumatic caving system is designed to prevent the free-flowing materials from hanging of loose in the container's discharge hopper, and includes a control unit, air-collapse belts consisting of several belts of pneumatic Solimar Fluidizer 

Densitometer of slurry and process liquids
id: 219

The densitometer is designed to determine the density of a liquid and slurries that fills its measuring tube and transmits the density value for further use in the main process