Third-party equipment

This equipment of the world's leading manufacturers, of which we are representatives. We use this equipment extensively in our works, so we confidently offer it to you.

JVM / JOST(Germany)

For all conceivable methods of bulk movement of substances and materials, JVM offers its customers a complete and complete set of unit and components. The range of JVM vibration drives is extremely wide and varied: vertical and horizontal, open and closed conveyor systems, lines for cooling, drying or heating of bulk materials, loading and unloading devices - this list can be continued for a very long time.
A wide range of vibration drives produced by JVM is able to satisfy the most demanding consumer.
JVM vibrators are used in the mining industry, with non-metallic minerals, in metallurgy, steel rolling, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for bulk loading and unloading, construction, food processing, cattle breeding and agriculture, and the pulp and paper industry.

SIEMENS (Germany)

SIEMENS (Germany) is a global concern working in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, power equipment, transport, medical equipment and lighting, as well as specialized services in various fields of industry, transport and communications. We offer to integrate into your solutions and design the equipment of the Automatization and drive department 


SOLIMAR (USA) - pneumatic fluidizers, pneumatic components. For over a decade, we have been using solutions from this company in our projects.