At the ЭТНА company's own production,  equipment that has been designed  assembles, debugs, tested and prepared for delivery to the customer in the form of cabinets with all necessary controls and protection. 

The list of electrotechnical and power equipment produced by ЭТНА:


1. Integrated control devices:

- cabinet of relay protection and automation;

- control panel;

- control cabinet of the electric drive;

- shield control stations;

- cabinets for automatics, telemechanics and process control.

2. Low-voltage accessories.

3. Microprocessor control devices

4. Cases of pneumatics and hydraulics.

The availability of a production base, as well as the use of proprietary products in projects, significantly reduces the cost of systems, as well as reduces the time of their manufacture and implementation.  The use of modern equipment improves the quality of products, facilitates installation and maintenance of our equipment. So one of our recent acquisitions is the WAGO printer for applying marking on shrink PVC tube, marking strips and tip insulation, which has improved the quality of designations and the appearance of the installation: