ЭТНА – positions itself as an engineering company that specializes in solving a set of tasks in the field of automation of industrial processes and industries, the introduction of energy-saving technologies, the modernization of existing control systems, and the creation of unique equipment at the request of our customers.

Geographical location: Zaporszhzhya, Ukraine

Industries: construction; metallurgy and mining; mechanical engineering and power engineering; electrotechnical; glass; IT-sector; cement and communal services.

Geography of projects:covers the territory of Ukraine (Zaporozhye, Kiev, Dnieper, Kherson, Lviv, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Zaporizhzhya, Rivne, Vinnitsa and Donetsk regions)


What are we doing

1. Design and implementation of technical solutions in the field of:

2. Development of industrial plants and installations:

3. Manufacture on the basis of own production of the electrotechnical equipment (cabinets of automatics and PLC, cases of the electric drive, control panels, boards of distribution of the electric power)

4. Modernization of already existing control systems (including migration from SIMATIC S5 to SIMATIC S7)

5. Delivery and installation of technological equipment of world leading manufacturers

6. Service, modernization, technical support, training


When working with customers, our company uses an individual approach to each partner. We conduct a thorough study and analysis of the specifics of production for each particular project and offer those solutions that are capable of ensuring maximum reliability and economy of production. We will help you to draw up a technical task for the project, perform technical analysis and design, prepare custom specifications.


The company employs:

Highly qualified specialists with experience working at the leading enterprises of the Zaporizhzhya region and Ukraine, among whom the majority has an education of not less than the highest technical level (there are three candidates of technical sciences).


Qualification and high quality of our work are confirmed by industry licenses and certificates


Our partners: Being an official partner of SIEMENS corporations, working in teams with companies (DP «Siemens-Ukraine», group of companies «EUROFORMAT», PJSC «TBK», LLC «TERMO-ENGINEERING») at the largest industrial facilities, ETNA specialists repeatedly confirmed their high level of competence.

We are trusted by responsible objects such well-known companies in the Ukrainian market as:


Results of work: We create developments in the field of automation of industrial technological processes and productions using advanced achievements of science and technology. Our engineering solutions significantly improve the productivity and reliability of equipment, increase its service life, prevent emergencies, minimize energy consumption and, as a result, reduce customer costs.


Since 1993, received the status of an official representative of the concern SIEMENS in the Zaporizhzhya region and the main activity was the development of automated control systems (ACS), including the integration of the SIEMENS concern.


The ideology of ЭТНА is to promote the well-being of our customers and the effective development of their business and their industrial productions by introducing the latest technologies and solutions. Do not stop in development, constantly increasing intellectual potential, supporting science and applying innovative solutions at the highest level. Use the accumulated knowledge and experience for the success of the company and our customers.