The progress of the project of the plant for the production of aerated concrete

Design and automation of the production of aerated concrete is one of the main activities of our company. Our experience with such industries began in 2002. During this time we have developed and launched many projects: from individual plants and workshops to entire plants with a high degree of automation. With each new project, our experience, skills and knowledge of the features of such a difficult and specific production as the production of aerated concrete grew. With each new project we took this into account when designing and implementing the next project. Therefore, the current project is the most significant both in scale and degree of automation, which allows it to be an alternative to automatic factories of leading foreign manufacturers such as Wehrhahn, Masa Henke, etc.

    An  aerated concrete production plant is being built at the production site in Kherson, our company is the general contractor and the main developer. At this stage technological equipment is being installed on the production site. The company also manufactures non-standard equipment, completes and assembles control cabinets, individual installations and components. The company also supplies ready-made equipment to the site. The start of production is expected in 2019.  




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